Love or… Love?- 1.5

Varnika accompanies Nakul's mother for shopping on a weekend and keeps missing to be with Haris and finally when she meets him on Monday, a small incident leaves her shattered.

Love or… Love? – 1.4

Varnika comes to know that Haris is unwell and she takes care of him. Nakul gets a small doubt on Varnika but does not ask her of her regular latecoming. Anamika warns Varnika once again of the worse consequences but it does not affect Varnika.

Love or… Love? – 1.1

This story belongs to two intelligent, smart and successful Bengali sisters who are based out of London; one is in love while another is single. Their life is going smooth until an uninvited guest enters it and starts creates turmoil. 🙂

Twentieth – 1.9 (Finale)

B Mom tells Nandita that she needs to take this marriage seriously and Kunal and her must create a bonding with each other. Kunal and Nandita sit down for a conversation before their D Day and the conversation brings them closer.

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