Love or… Love?- 1.5

Varnika accompanies Nakul's mother for shopping on a weekend and keeps missing to be with Haris and finally when she meets him on Monday, a small incident leaves her shattered.

Love or… Love? – 1.4

Varnika comes to know that Haris is unwell and she takes care of him. Nakul gets a small doubt on Varnika but does not ask her of her regular latecoming. Anamika warns Varnika once again of the worse consequences but it does not affect Varnika.

Twentieth – 1.9 (Finale)

B Mom tells Nandita that she needs to take this marriage seriously and Kunal and her must create a bonding with each other. Kunal and Nandita sit down for a conversation before their D Day and the conversation brings them closer.

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