Love or… Love? – 1.1

This story belongs to two intelligent, smart and successful Bengali sisters who are based out of London; one is in love while another is single. Their life is going smooth until an uninvited guest enters it and starts creates turmoil. 🙂

S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.7

Chandni bumps into Saloni and Parmeet on the terrace and both of them get into an argument again. Just when they are about to enter their rooms, Chandni yells out Saloni's name for help.

S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.6

The Sangeet performance of SPICY is well appreciated by everyone in the audience. Parmeet, the cousin of Inayat hits on Saloni which SPICY enjoy.

S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.5

SPICY gear up for Inayat's sangeet with an unforgettable performance from their college days. Despite a sour memory between Saloni and Chandni, Paridhi convinces the SPICY to relive that day and makes all the arrangements for their performance.

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