S.P.I.C.Y. -1.10 (Finale)

Recap: Saloni and Chandni break the good news to Yasmin. Paridhi,Yasmin and Inayat are elated to know that Saloni and Chandni are back on good terms. Inayat is feeling nervous and emotional about getting married now.

“Are you sure? I mean what if your family doesn’t like it?” Paridhi asked Inayat who had whispered something in her ear.

“I can’t leave without doing it.” Inayat said and this was the first time that Paridhi noticed rigidness in Inayat’s voice.

Right before the Bidaai ritual, Saloni and Paridhi took Inayat to the stage and asked for a mike from the DJ. Everyone around was wondering what is going on. Walia family had no idea what Inayat’s friends were up to. Paridhi and Saloni came down from the stage and there Inayat started speaking “Hello everyone… it is quite new for me and for all of you as well, I believe, that a newlywed bride is standing here on stage and wants to say something.”

Her voice was nervous but she continued “Ummm… normally I don’t talk a lot but tonight is different… because I am filled with nostalgia till here today” and she took her hand to her neck to express herself clearly. “I want to make this clear to my family that nobody, I repeat nobody will cry on my Bidaai please.” She said and paused.

“Because I m not going anywhere beyond a distance of 20 kms from here.” “And I will keep coming back to my home… isn’t it Dadaji?” Inayat asked her Grandpa who was standing among the audience and he nodded and wiped his small tear.

“So what I was saying is – I was really excited about my marriage thingy until I got dressed up in this dress and until the vows took place. The engagement, mehendi, sangeet every single ceremony was so exciting… but marriage… being married is a different feeling” a tear poured out of her eye and her voice became heavy. There was pure silence in the audience.

 “Initially the reason behind my happiness was that I am going to move out of my boring shell… yeah, I call it boring because I was never allowed to go out with friends for movies or games or not even shopping…. My family has always been very strict this is what I thought…. Everybody in my family from my grandparents to my youngest cousin – everybody pampered me like crazy. But then I always felt a gap inside. You know Papaji, Dadaji, Chachu” Inayat looked through the audience for her father, Grandfather and uncles and continued “every time, any of you stopped me from doing something in life as in.. whenever there was a barrier put in my freedom, I used to cry and hate my fate… I used to think that why God threw me in this family? Had I been born in some other family, I could have been happier….My family is super rich, but their money can’t buy me the happiness I want… I wanted to travel in buses and Autorickshaw but I was given luxury cars. I wanted to move outside Delhi for my Grad and Post Grad but I studied in the best colleges of Delhi. I wanted to binge on street food but we always ordered same things from 5 star hotels”

Inayat touched herself on chest and looked at her mother who was wiping a tear. “My friends used to hit Discotheques and pubs but I never went out even for a movie with them. I never went to school picnics, or never stayed at a friend’s place. I never really had any best friend until my MBA happened and I met these lovely girls” Inayat pointed at all her friends. “All of them are settled in life now…. Their career, marriage everything in life is settled but they came here only for me. So that they could wish their wimpy friend best of luck on the new start in her life… I love you guys!” Inayat looked at all of them and wiped her tear and nose… All of them were nostalgic.

“I wanted to have a career, it could be an office job or my own family business, but I wanted to work. But that did not happen because again a barrier was put that I will be married soon and then working with my own family will not look good to the society and hence I was never allowed to explore our own business…. I gave in to that decision again…. Today I am feeling lighter on these fronts because I know that I will get more freedom in my new family in terms of all these dreams that I have seen” and she looked at Navdeep and her parents in law  who smiled at her and nodded. “I am elated and kicked about it… Yet… Yet I am feeling very heavy in my heart… and that is because I can see the last 30 years of my life in front of my eyes.” She cried with her last sentence.

“A part of me says that I want to live with all of you forever. My new family is a small, nuclear family so from where I will bring the Chachis who will make food of my choice at odd hours or apply different nail paints on my nails. From where will I bring my brothers and sisters to play skip rope or teach me new dance steps or whom I can simply dominate without any reason.” She said and laughed.

“I don’t think that I will ever have that courage to shave anyone’s beard in my new family like I used to shave yours Chachu” Inayat looked at her youngest Chachu and they both laughed on this. “And Mamma…” Inayat looked at her mother and stopped speaking. She had thick tears in her eyes and her voice was heavier than ever “You… You…You are….” she put the mike down as she could not speak further. “I know I am your backbone my baby…. Stay strong and flexible like your mother my baby!” Her mom spoke in her loudest voice from her place and burst into tears. Two of her Chachis took her mom on the stage and they all stood with Inayat.

“Okay.. I said no body will cry but I am the first one who cheated.” Inayat said when she felt a bit better. “So last thingy, all the complaints that I said just now fade when I think about these tiny moments. They are so precious and not every daughter is lucky to live these moments… Everybody is not lucky enough to be surrounded by so many siblings, to have so many elders to look after you who treat your smallest requirement as their life’s biggest target. Every family can’t love their child madly as my family does….  I know many of you have secretly cried in your rooms thinking about my absence in the house after my marriage… this is the love that I will cherish….” She looked at her mom and Chachi on the stage and her Chachi wiped her tear.

“So there is a famous saying ‘you cannot have your cake and eat it too’ … So I think this is the phase from where I have to walk ahead keeping my sorrow and happiness together. This is how a new chapter in life will begin.”

“Bingo” Paridhi shouted from her place and people looked at her.

Inayat came down from the stage and hugged her Grandparents and everybody one by one. Her Bidaai took place just before the sunrise.


“Ciao guys! It was fun to be together once again. Let’s see when we meet up next.” Paridhi said while hugging each of them. It was 7:30 am and she had a flight at 9:30 for Jaipur.

“We’ll come to Sydney for your baby shower.” Chandni joked and winked at Yasmin and Saloni.

“Oh! That will be awesome. Let me just reach back there and do the most passionate thing for the baby shower” she winked and giggled.

They bid her bye and went for breakfast. Chandni booked a cab for Agra where as Saloni did not reveal her plans as to where she is going to be till 16th.

“If you want you can come to Agra with me. We can visit the Taj Mahal again” Chandni proposed an idea to Saloni.

“Thanks! But… I already have plans babe.” Saloni replied and Chandni looked at her to know further.

“Well, I am going to be in Delhi with this guy today” she pointed at Parmeet who was sitting on another breakfast table far away “and then I have booked an early morning flight to Kolkata tomorrow. I will stay with Dad for 4 days.”

“That’s really great!” Chandni said.

“Yeah… That’s a good idea Saloni.” Yasmin seconded Chandni.

“It is going to be a surprise visit. I have not informed him.” Saloni smiled.

Quickly after the breakfast, Yasmin also packed her bags as her train to Lucknow was arriving on time.

“I was so loaded with guilt when I arrived here but now….” Yasmin said and paused.

“Now keep calm and don’t ever look back. Be happy, take good care of your family and yourself.” Chandni smiled and hugged her.

“And give us back our “comedian Yasmin”. We missed her badly in this trip.” Saloni gave a bro fist to Yasmin and hugged her.

“The comedian will come back only when I will see Alia. I am longing to be with her now” Yasmin got emotional with this sentence.

“Yeah… we understand. Better you buzz off now.” Chandni said and they bid her goodbye.

“What time is your taxi arriving?” Saloni asked Chandni.

“In two hours. And I badly need a power nap” She replied.

“So do I” Said Saloni and they headed to their rooms.

In spite of going to her room, Chandni decided to take a nap in Saloni’s room on Paridhi’s bed. Pretty soon, they were fast asleep.

Chandni’s phone alarm rang after 1 hour and she woke up very quickly with its sound. Saloni was still asleep. Chandni was about to go back to her room to get the luggage done when she heard rustling of papers. That sound was coming from close by. Chandni looked around and found that the paper inside Saloni’s handbag was rustling under the wind of hi-speed fan. She recalled Saloni taking out one page out of that folder and giving it to Yasmin.

“What is this second page about?” Chandni thought.

Out of curiosity, she opened Saloni’s handbag and took out the folder.

“Negative!” her eyes were shattered when she read the paper. It was Alia’s DNA Test report. Totally taken aback, Chandni looked back at Saloni who had got awake by now and was looking at Chandni.

“Negative?” Chandni showed Saloni the paper and asked her.

“This is just a piece of paper. Not more than that.” Saloni took the report from her and tore it and threw it in the dustbin.

“Was that the original report?” Chandni asked with shock.

Saloni inhaled a deep breath and said “Yes.” “But it doesn’t matter if our friend is happy not knowing about it… does it?”

Chandni held her head and sat down on the bed. She was appalled to an extent.

“I wasn’t much surprised when I looked at the report being negative. But I could not let my friend suffer because of this. That’s why I bribed the consultant to make a positive report.”

“Look… Both of us have seen how shattered she has been for that one mistake. Do you think she, or her daughter for that matter, deserves to suffer for her entire life for one mistake?” “I believe what I did is right because it will keep our friend and her family together.”

“Yeah” Chandni replied. “You are right.” She was stunned by Saloni’s out-thinking.

“This is between us.” Saloni said sternly.

“Yeah… This is going to remain between us” Chandni vowed.

Very soon, both of them left Inayat’s house with a treasure box full of priceless memories. Little did they know before their arrival what this event would bring with it. Where Yasmin got a chance to be alive again, Chandni and Saloni got their friendship back. Inayat was happily married and Paridhi – she was cheerful like always.


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  1. Splendid Job !! I liked the way of articulating and organizing pieces from Past in your story which made feel connected .
    The end was awesome .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. After first two parts, I decided to wait till finale because as a reader I don’t like the continuity break in good stories… But my it was worth waiting..

    While reading each and every part.. I was getting sad after finishing each part as in back of my mind I know story is coming to an end… I started reading the last part to be with simple expectations of Bidaai rituals….But u beauty, u made me visualize a scene and I would be wrong if I say I didn’t have tear in my eyes also… And after that at last.. One line for you…”You killed it…Bravo!!”


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