S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.9

Recap: Saloni tries to bury the hatchet between her and Chandni. Chandni feels guilty on   her anger after she comes to know the truth from Saloni. Soon,they head back to attend the wedding.

“Are those the reports?” Chandni asked and Saloni nodded in yes.

Chandni wanted to apologize to Saloni but she thought to wait for a while as the other thing seemed more important.

“What does it say?” Chandni asked while wearing her seat belt.

Saloni smiled and asked while starting the ignition “What does your heart say?”

Chandni was puzzled with her answer but didn’t ask again and kept pondering. There were two things going on in her mind simultaneously; one her own apology and second Yasmin’s truth.

There was some pre marriage ritual going on when they reached Inayat’s house. They looked around the entire house for Yasmin but later came to know that she is with Inayat in her dressing room. They reached there only to know that they were surrounded with many people there as the time of Baraat arrival was nearby and everybody was in a hurry to get ready.

“Where were you guys?” Paridhi asked them and told them to get ready asap.

Chandni told Saloni it is better to wait. They headed to their rooms for dressing up.

“Oh My My! Look at you! What do you call it in Urdu! “Mashaallah! You look so beautiful in this dress Yasmin.” Chandni complimented Yasmin who was wearing her wedding dress.

“Thanks!” Yasmin gave a brief smile.

“Inayat insisted me to wear my wedding dress on her D day so I obliged.” She continued.

“You two look really beautiful…. Chandni, your saree is superb and Saloni, the lehenga is stunning” She said.

“Thanks.” Saloni and Chandni replied and they clicked selfies.

“Cheer up girl! It is our friend’s marriage today… Stop looking pale now…” Chandni consoled Yasmin and took her palm in hers.

“I am okay… I am doing fine.” Yasmin told her and hugged her.

“Well, I have a news for you.” Saloni interrupted and looked at Chandni. Yasmin was puzzled on their blank expression.

Chandni and Saloni took her to Saloni’s room and locked it from inside.

“Girls what is it? What is the news?” Yasmin inquired. She knew that her friends wanted to talk to her about her problem but did not know that they had come back with a solution.

Saloni opened her handbag and took out one of the two folders from her bag. Chandni looked on eagerly.

“Here you go!” Saloni handed it over to Yasmin with a smile.

Yasmin was puzzled but she followed what her friend asked her to do.

Her eyes left wide open when she read what was there in the piece of paper. Her eyes were instantly filled with tears and she started crying.

It was Alia’s DNA Test Report which indicated that she is her father’s daughter.

“Your daughter is not born out of that weak moment.” Saloni said.

Yasmin hugged her friends and asked sobbingly “How did you…..?”  She couldn’t speak beyond this but Chandni and Saloni read her question in her eyes. Chandni was teary eyed too, so she was not able to explain therefore Saloni did the job.

“Well..” she spoke “Chandni checked your luggage when you were asleep to find a thing of Alia and Shahid so that we could get this test done. There was this toy of Alia which had her fingerprint and this razor of Shahid which he might have left in the bag from some of his trip”

“Yeah” Yasmin looked at the razor. “This is his razor” Her tone was euphoric.

“Though you were fearful all the time, but we were positive about the result and that is why we went ahead to get it done.” She finished her sentence and Yasmin sat down on the couch in relief and sighed.

“But how come you got this done without my or Shahid’s consent…. I think it is illegal to get the test done without either of the parents’ consent” Yasmin doubted.

“Well, I don’t keep myself updated with that much of information on laws and regulations. Moreover, Money conquers all baby!” Saloni winked.

 Yasmin understood that they bribed the consultant for the test “You guys are my angels. Trust me, you have no idea how much I owe you both.”

“Shut up!” Saloni replied.

“This was necessary. We couldn’t see you suffering like this and perhaps God fixed Inayat’s marriage now and not earlier, so that “WE” could pull you out of your sorrows.” Saloni said and held Chandni on her shoulder with utmost affection. She looked very calm which was a rare scene.

They hugged again and Yasmin cried once again. Chandni or Saloni didn’t stop her because they knew this is how she will come back to normal.

“I am really sorry for what I did… But…”

“Sshhhh” Chandni stopped Yasmin and said “What is bygone is bygone. Don’t ever think of it again and start your life afresh.” And she looked at Saloni. Her eyes spoke something to Saloni and she understood.

Chandni sighed once and looked at Saloni and with a heavy voice she said “Saloni, forgive me please!” Yasmin looked on without having clue of what was going on between the two.

Saloni took a deep sigh and resisted making an eye contact and looked up and down.

“You know… I have this one wish in life… and I want God to fulfill it very soon..” Saloni said

“What is it?” Chandni asked.

“I want us, I mean you and I, to find that dog and beat him hard in his balls.” She said and looked at Chandni.

“Let him eat shit and die” Chandni laughed and hugged her.

Yasmin understood the scenario and asked about it. Chandni told her the reality that had taken place years ago and confessed her mistake of misunderstanding her friend.

“Now let’s go to the bride. She must be waiting for us.” Chandni said while wiping her tears.

“Ummm… Before making a move, both of you need a slight touch up because of those tears and then you’re good to go.” Saloni gave a heads up to Yasmin and Chandni.


While Paridhi and Inayat’s two cousins were getting ready on their own in her room, Inayat was surrounded with 2 beauticians who were finishing up with her make up part.

“Hey Gorgeous!” Saloni called Inayat from behind and held her on the shoulders.

“Hey, where were you guys!?” Inayat asked Chandni and Saloni.

“There was some issue with my visa that needed to be quickly resolved.” Saloni tried to cover up.

“Both of you went together?” Inayat wondered and Paridhi gave a dubious expression hearing this question.

“Well, I was about to leave when I saw she is also up… I simply asked her if she wants to accompany and she said Yes.” Saloni knew her attempt is going to fail.

“We buried the hatchet… Because we both wanted to… We needed some time alone and that’s why I went out with her.” Chandni covered it up perfectly and Inayat hugged them upon hearing this.

“Yayyy!” Paridhi joined the hug from behind.

“Finally, this makes me happy.” Inayat said.

Very soon, the bride was ready to walk the aisle. She looked so beautiful. Her eyes beamed with happiness. With each of her friend getting married, she had waited for her own day. She was happy yet sad. Her biggest happiness was also her greatest fear because she knew this new phase of life is going to bring many changes in her life. She was ready to welcome them but did not want the current phase to become a passé. She knew that despite putting many restrictions, her family loved her deeply. She had nostalgia about everything. Today her feelings felt heavier than her jewelry.

 “Girls, I don’t know why… But I am way too nervous right now?” Inayat said when she heard the noise of band outside. The Baraat was nearby.

“Perhaps you are scared about your life’s first sex” Saloni said and all of them bursted into a laugh including Inayat’s cousins.

Inayat stared at Saloni as to why she spoke this in front of her cousins but Saloni said “Relax, they are growing up… And it’s okay to joke in front of your younger siblings sometimes.” She winked.

Chandni sensed Inayat’s dilemma and walked upto her. She held her hand and said “Don’t worry Inu. It happens with every girl. Leaving your house forever is not an easy thing but this just has to happen…”

“And trust you me, even men go through this dilemma. They also face difficult situations after marriage as they have to keep a balance between their wife and their own family as well as work… Isn’t it?” Chandni looked at Paridhi and Yasmin and they both nodded.

“So just relax… it is just a matter of few days. Everything will be back on track much before you realize.” Chandni said and Inayat contemplated on this.



Finally, the moment came when the bride was brought on the stage. She was accompanied by her best friends along with a few cousins. After the “Jaimala” ritual, everybody spread all over the arena. SPICY (except Inayat) hit the DJ floor where Parmeet was looking for an opportunity to be with Saloni but she merely ignored him.

A perfect wedding took place.


to be continued…

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