S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.6

Recap: The Sangeet performance of SPICY is well appreciated by everyone in the audience. Parmeet, the cousin of Inayat hits on Saloni which SPICY enjoy.


Chandni removed her makeup and changed to night clothes and talked to Harsh on phone about the whole ceremony. Before tucking herself into bed, she thought of roaming on the terrace and breathe in some fresh air under the beautiful moonlight.

“Yasmin, care for a walk on terrace?” Chandni asked.

“Ummm… No, I am too tired. You carry on please.” Yasmin showed her relucatance.

“I think Paridhi is asleep as well.” Chandni looked at Paridhi’s room where the lights were switched off. “Ciao. I will go alone then.” Chandni said and left.

Just when she kept her hand on the bolt to open the terrace gate, she found it was already unlocked. She stood there for a second and heard some sensual moans coming from a distance. She was in a dual state of mind. One part of her brain told her to go back while the other wanted the feet to move ahead.

Before she could decide, her feet automatically started sneaking slowly. She followed the sound of the moans and reached the area under the water tank where she found her very own friend Saloni with Parmeet on the ladder.

“Oh shit!” she spoke out of shock and the duo who was unaware of her sneaking became conscious.

“Oops… What are you doing here?” Saloni shoved Parmeet aside and picked up her dupatta that was lying on the floor. Her tone was way rude. Obviously she did not like her steamy moment getting spoiled.

 “I… thought you had gone for a walk…. I wasn’t….. aware that you’re here…… otherwise I wouldn’t have…. come….. come here.” Chandni replied looking down.

She was way abashed to find Saloni there and therefore she rushed away from that place.

She was having flashes of some sour memories while climbing down the stairs which made her mood totally put out.

“Chandni… Wait! Listen!” Saloni called her from behind but she kept walking down the stairs.

Saloni quickly reached her and touched on her shoulder to stop her but Chandni furiously put away Saloni’s hand and asked her “Is there a limit of being shameless… huh… What were you doing there upstairs huh?” Chandni asked Saloni furiously.

“Well, last time I checked, it is my bloody life so better you don’t ask me what I was doing upstairs.” Saloni replied instantly in an enraged way.

“You still don’t get it… Do you?” Chandni asked irately.

“This is not your house, nor your city. If there was somebody else in place of me up there, you could be whacked with that cousin of Inayat and of course, there would have been a big scene created by Inayat’s family. Think before you act… I had told you just few hours back… didn’t I?” Chandni said and looked in other direction. Saloni was miffed but she stood there with lips sealed.

“And look at yourself! Where is your dupatta laying? Look at your messy hair, your lipstick and mascara is completely licked out… Babe, what’s your count huh… tell me today… How many guys have you fu*ked till date? 20 or 2000?” Chandni passed a remark.

“Okay, so now you have shifted gears from that whole fu*king wisdom of Inayat’s conservative family to the count of persons I have slept with… Babe, why don’t you come straight to the point?” Saloni asked scornfully looking straight into Chandni’s eyes and Chandni got away her eyes from her upon that question.

There was a moment of silence between them, only thing audible was their huff and puff. Though both of them wanted to speak their heart out but their ego prevailed.

“Fu*k off!” Chandni headed towards her room without another word.

“You too” Saloni walked towards her room from the opposite direction.

“Saloniiiiii…..” Chandni screamed upon opening her room’s light.

Come quickly!” She shouted again and Saloni ran quickly towards Chandni’s room to find out what went wrong?




To be continued….

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