S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.3

Recap: Inayat’s friends Yasmin and Saloni arrive for her marriage. Chandni gets into a small tiff with Saloni on a mistake done by her. Later, Paridhi and Saloni go for shopping while others remain at home.


“I so miss all this in Sydney you know… Look at these beautiful prints man” Paridhi behaved like a small girl who is super happy to receive lot of new gifts on her birthday.

“You have splurged awesomely girl…. Rahul has to cut down on his expenses now” Chandni joked.

“Hello! It’s OUR money and OUR expenses… We don’t keep separate accounts as HIS and MINE.” Paridhi explained.

“Yeah… absolutely amazing stuff Pari… and what about you Saloni? Show us your shopping as well.” Yasmin asked and everyone looked at Saloni’s stuff.

Saloni had bought a dozen kurtis for the coming 3 days of her stay with Inayat’s family so that her dear friend doesn’t have to face any more embarrassment because of her. She also bought one beautiful lehenga for Inayat’s D day and one Zardozi work Salwar Kameez for her Sangeet function.

“Okay guys, so shall we join Inayat for the Mehendi ceremony now. Only the four of us are left for the mehendi” Yasmin said and everybody nodded.

On the way to the mehendi room, Saloni touched Yasmin on shoulder and asked “What’s so blue with you girl?”

“Everything is fine… What makes you ask that?” Yasmin responded with a fake expression.

“Your face… Where is the glow?” “Your gestures… You’re a new mom but you did not talk anything about Alia at all, at least not in my presence by far”… “And most importantly, you haven’t cracked any jokes so far… Where is our Yasmin who used to give us real belly laughs?” Saloni shot her questions.

“I have been asking her the same since yesterday…” Chandni joined their conversation as she overheard them “her face, her eyes are telling a story which she directly wouldn’t say”

“Girls, it is nothing but a few changes in lifestyle post marriage and hell lot of work pressure. Situations change! We all change… Don’t we?” Yasmin tried to convince her friends but they were aware that there is something big that she is hiding.

“Alrighto! This is our time to have utmost enjoyment and keep away all our worries for the next few days… so let’s decide to have a gala time and make wonderful memories here.” Saloni gave a five to Yasmin & Chandni to halt the topic.

They reached Inayat who was halfway through with Mehendi. There was a full cricket team of mehendi artists who were creating beautiful designs on palms and feet of the ladies of Walia family. 3 girls were assigned for Inayat only. Her left arm was finished with a very beautiful peacock mehendi design and right arm was almost done. The third artist was finishing up on her feet and leg.

Inayat was cheered to see her friends there and she asked Saloni and Paridhi about their shopping experience in Delhi after so many years.

“Remember, how frequently we used to hit Sarojini Market for shopping earlier…?” “We used to reach there by 10 in the morning so that we could be the first one to bargain” giggled Paridhi and another chit chat was in place.

For the whole time that they were in the mehendi room getting mehendi done, Saloni noticed a fair and good looking guy who was staring at her from time to time. He also clicked her pictures in his phone from outside the window. Later at the dinner time, she asked Inayat and came to know that he is her cousin from Ludhiana, Punjab.

“Girls, what’s the plan for tonight?” Saloni asked while eating her soup and winked at Paridhi.

“No such plan, but suggestions are welcome” Yasmin chew her salad and smiled while Chandni just looked on.

“We have a plan!!” Paridhi said and gave a five to Saloni and they both giggled. Chandni understood what was cooking up in their mind.


Around 11:30 pm when most of Inayat’s family members and kins had headed to their rooms for sleep, Paridhi pinged on the SPICY group to come over to the outhouse. Upon reaching there, Yasmin, Chandni and Inayat found out that Paridhi and Saloni had made a plan to booze up the night. Saloni had got a bag full of different famous British liquor brands where as Paridhi had bought a famous Australian whisky as a gift for Saloni and Chandni.

“Surprise ! Surprise!” Paridhi’s eyes were mischievious.

“Whoa! You guys are awesome” Chandni looked at the neatly placed bottles on the table and exclaimed with happiness.

“Crazy you two… Oh My God” Said Yasmin and touched on her forehead. “Keep me out of this, I am going to sleep.”

“Yeah, me too! If anyone in my family comes to know that I or my friends were drinking last night, I’ll be whacked in my own marriage.” Inayat supported Yasmin.

“Let’s go” She told Yasmin but before they could move out of the room Paridhi locked the door from inside and told them to sit there only.

“It’s your secret bachelorette party bae.” “I know your family will not allow you to enjoy it in this way but then what friends are for.” Paridhi held Inayat on shoulder and moved her to the bed and made her sit there.

“No Pari, I can’t do this… please try to understand. I can’t do this ever” Wimpy Inayat spoke while Chandni made a small peg of Rum with Coke for her and giggled and handed it over to Paridhi. Yasmin was watching this scene helplessly while Saloni was enjoying.

“Babe, you never stayed with us in the hostel and you don’t know how much fun we had there during college days. But today is your day- this secret party is in your honor so you have to gulp it down.” Paridhi had the glass in her hand.

“No No No No” Inayat pleaded and started running on the bed but Paridhi chased her till the corner of the bed where she ultimately stumbled and Paridhi took advantage of this moment and put the glass in her mouth and made the drink go down her throat.

“yuucckkkkk” Inayat got pukish. She felt the heat in her throat and pretended throwing up.

“Epic” Chandni clapped on this hilarious scene.

Inayat’s drama went for a minute or so. Everybody was laughing out loud on this except Yasmin. She was fearful that her friend might do the same to her but Chandni told her to relax.

“If our government can forgive on one murder, I’ll kill you.” She said furiously but her words fell on deaf ears. Others were too busy laughing to hear out her anger.

Paridhi, Chandni and Saloni swigged their first round of drinks while Yasmin and Inayat were looking at them sitting in one corner of the bed.

A few seconds later, Inayat spoke “You know what, it did not make any difference on my brain so far. I think….. I can have more.”

While Yasmin got baffled, Chandni and Paridhi were elated on her response “That’s like my baby!” Paridhi said and made another shot for her and all of them said “Cheers” together. Yasmin was still sitting like a statue.

Inayat looked at the glass she was holding and was hesitant to gulp it down her throat. She imagined her grandfather and father yelling at her.

Saloni sensed it and said “One life bae, it’s nothing big and you can thank us later” she made her gulp that one and a hysterical laughter spread across Yasmin’s bungalow.

“Babe, you must also try it out today.” Paridhi insisted Yasmin.

“No man, I am good without it” Yasmin resisted.

While Saloni and Paridhi drank like a fish, Chandni and Yasmin made sure that Inayat has utmost enjoyment but doesn’t drink beyond a certain limit and after 3rd peg she got noticeably tipsy.

Paridhi put up the Bluetooth speaker ON and played “Hips don’t lie” – their most favorite song from their college days. Saloni and Paridhi started their dance, they got the scared Yasmin on the dance floor and very soon each of them was dancing, screaming and enjoying their secret little party.

In between these moments, Yasmin kept swaying to her past – her first day in college, how she had met this beautiful girl Chandni and the same day they had become friends. How they had met Paridhi and Inayat outside the classroom and all of them had sat together in the canteen understanding that there is a chord between them. She remembered how Saloni was the last one to become a part of their group and post her joining, how she had given the group its name – SPICY. How within a short span of 2 months, their group had become famous; A. because of beauties Saloni and Chandni and B. because of its unique name.

She recalled how she and Inayat had seen their life’s first porn movie with Saloni and Inayat had ran outside the room to puke. How Paridhi had come running one day to tell her that the guy Amit from their class has a crush on her.

“Huhh” Yasmin gasped with fear. As if she woke up from a dream and looked around. She saw her friends partying. Because of dim light in the room and totally lost in the dance and booze, nobody noticed Yasmin when she was in her dream world and Yasmin decided to divert her mind to the party again.


to be continued….

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