S.P.I.C.Y. – 1.1



S.P.I.C.Y. – The Spicy Gang is a group of five girls Saloni, Paridhi, Inayat, Chandni and Yasmin. They are besties from college days. All of them are reaching 30 and have adjusted themselves between career and family. It is the precious occasion of Inayat’s wedding that has given them a chance to stay together for a little time and relive their college days.



Like her name, Inayat is a beautiful soul. Fair, slim, 5ft 2inches tall.

She was christened with this name by her grandfather because he thought that it is sheer grace of God that they have been blessed with a female child for the first time in their family. And because of being the first and the only female child for almost 17 years, Inayat is the apple of everyone’s eye in her big Punjabi family. And by big, it means a family of 17 people including Inayat’s grandparents, her parents, her 3 uncles and their wives and 6 kids, two of each couple. She is precious to each of them. Her Grandfather calls her the Kohinoor of their family. And just like the Kohinoor is taken care of, Inayat was always kept under utmost protection and surveillance. Each member in her family is sweet by nature, but very orthodox in thinking. Nobody in their family watches movies or sing filmy songs, girls are not allowed to step out alone after sunset. There are restrictions on everything. Inayat was not allowed to roam around like her friends in school/college or neighbourhood nor could she wear a sleeveless top or Kurti, forget about western outfits. These restrictions made her a wimp to an extent. 

Among her besties, she is the only one who could not pursue a career. Her family has a big reputation in Delhi’s real estate business. She wanted to work after her post grad but was not allowed to go out and work with any other organization neither did they let her join the family business thinking that real estate is not the right industry for women. Her family termed all these things as a form of care and pampering, where as Inayat always felt it is a captivation. She always walked a tightrope in life.

Her family strongly believes in astrology and basis that, there were many good marriage proposals that they had declined. Finally, Inayat was getting married to Navdeep, a businessman based out of Delhi, on 10th April 2016. Navdeep is a very sweet, well mannered, independent minded man and Inayat is delighted with the thought that finally she will be having some freedom in life post marriage.

7th April 2016

Inayat was sitting in her lush garden sipping her morning tea and was keenly looking at the lighting and decoration work that was going on. Suddenly a pair of hands closed her eyes from behind and she heard a light giggle. She touched the soft hands trying to guess who it is…

and within a few seconds she said “Chandni!” and turned back removing the hands to see the face and there she was – Chandni.


5ft 6 inches tall, with an hour glass figure, extremly fair, pink lips, hazel eyes, waist length black hair and her smile is to die for. One could not have seen a girl more beautiful than her. And she is not just a beauty, but beauty with brains. She was the topper in her batch and most helpful person when it came to studies. Anybody could reach her for studying Accountancy or Finance. She was always happy to help.

Making her angry isn’t an easy task as she always understands things in a sensible way. But once angry on something, she will go crazy and won’t forgive easily. This is her only negative trait.

Post marriage, Chandni has shifted to Mumbai with her husband Harsh who is a Marketing manager in an International Bank. Chandni works as a finance manager with a reputed telecom company. This is the first time after her marriage that she is going to meet all her friends.

“Heyy Chandu…… I am so happy to see you!” Inayat exclaimed with joy and hugged Chandni.

“So good to see you too Inu..” Said Chandni.

“So… all set for the married life?” Chandni asked.

“Yeah… Finally God heard my friends’ prayers and sent Navdeep for me.” Inayat shyly answered.

They talked about Inayat’s fiancé Navdeep, marriage preps, her engagement that had taken place in January and stuff while sipping tea and waited for their remaining friends. While Yasmin was expected to reach between 12-1 pm by train, Paridhi’s flight had landed on IGIA, Delhi and therefore she could reach anytime and they had no update from Saloni.

Little later, Chandni went to her room to freshen up while Inayat was called by her mom for some discussion.

Around 10:30 am Inayat came to Chandni’s room along with a servant who was holding the breakfast tray.

“You must be hungry so I thought we’ll eat breakfast in your room together.” Inayat smiled at Chandni and they sat for a little more gossip with breakfast in front of them.

“These cutlets are yummy” Chandni spoke after having a bite.

“Have a sandwich too” Inayat put a sandwich in her plate.

Just about when they were finishing the last bite of sandwich, they heard a familiar voice. Somebody was yelling out Inayat’s name.

“Paridhi” Chandni and Inayat said together and ran downstairs in full speed.

Paridhi was calling out Inayat in her loudest voice, and both of them reached her from the back and hugged her so tight that her feet stumbled and she couldn’t balance herself and being extremely happy to see her, Inayat and Chandni did not notice her imbalance as a result of which, all three fell on the floor. They laughed with exhilaration.

“Easy girls easy!” One of Inayat’s aunt came running and gave them her hand to get up.




“I tell you, Delhi is never going to change. Men out here will remain bastards.” Paridhi said while sipping her tea.

“What happened”? Chandni asked.

“When I was on the way in my cab, there were 2 boys who started chasing my cab from right outside the airport. They were on a bike.” Saloni said.

“Did they harm you?” Chandni asked.

“No… but they were chasing me all the way from airport till here in Chankyapuri and were passing on dirty expressions and filthy comments.” Paridhi expressed her annoyance.

“It’s not their fault bae. They saw such a lovely girl coming out of the international airport. They could not help but just express themselves.” Chandni passed a remark and gave a five to Inayat. They both laughed.

“Very funny. Claps for the joke… but for your kind information, I went to the police station nearby here,  and got them held by a constable before arriving” Paridhi shot back and looked at Chandni.

“Well, That’s like my Pari!” Chandni patted her on the back.


Approx. 5ft 1inches tall, wheatish complexion with shoulder length hair, Paridhi is a fun loving girl. The most energetic and talkative girl in the SPICY Gang. She always looks at the world through rose colored glasses and can lift up the mood of someone who is feeling blue in her presence. If life threw her tomatoes, she made a soup! That is her attitude and the best feature in her personality. Another distinct feature in her is that she has a solution for everything. The famous line “Main Apni Favourite hoon” from the movie “Jab We Met” fits in aptly with her personality.

She hails from Jaipur and comes from a lower middle class background. She did not want to settle out of India due to a coarse phase that happened in her life but her destiny took her to Australia where she is doing very well with her husband Rahul. They have their own supply chain startup in Sydney and now they plan to start a family very soon.

“Let’s call up Yasmin once and check where she has reached.” Inayat interrupted their talk and made a call to Yasmin.

“She’ll be here in 2 hours.” Inayat updated about Yasmin.

“So… I’ll freshen up quickly and catch you guys… Which way would be my room???”  Paridhi lifted her bags and asked Inayat.

Inayat quickly called one of the servants and told him to take Paridhi’s bags and guide her to a room near Chandni’s.


to be continued…..

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