The Girl from the Past – 1.6

“Amrita, every person has a conscience inside. And each of us on this earth understands the difference between right and wrong. It is per se about the choices that we make in life. If both of you exchanged glances in leisure valley but neither of you had the courage to face each other, apparently means that you both are fearful of accepting or recalling the past incident. But if you both really want to bury the hatchet then one of you has to make the first move. I can’t comment about Shweta Grover but if this incident is upsetting you over and over then why don’t you make the first move? Send her a friend request and mention that you saw her in the leisure valley n stuff and wait for her response… There is only one choice out of the two options that she will make; A. she will not add you on facebook or;  B. she will add you. If she goes with option A, it means that she absolutely doesn’t want to go back to her past life and you must follow the same. But if she chooses B, it means that she may or may not talk to you about this “certain incident” but she definitely remembers you and has moved on in life and you must take action according to it then.” Both of them sat silently for a minute and Saksham patted on Amrita’s back and said “Let’s call it night now.”

“Yeah.” Said Amrita and they went to their bedroom.

Amrita mulled over Saksham’s opinion next day and finally, keeping in mind the ‘option A’, she sent the friend request to Shweta Grover. To her surprise, Shweta Grover accepted her friend request in the evening.

“People generally check facebook while coming back from office, she’s no exception. But how do I initiate a talk now” Amrita asked herself and headed towards home.

“just f*ck that bi*ch both sides”. Amrita gaped at this reply on Whatsapp from Latika.

“Since when you started talking in this language Latika?” Amrita asked her filling an angry emoji.

I usually don’t… this is an emotional outburst.” Latika replied with the tongue-out emoji.

Their conversation continued for a while and the regular family routine followed.

Now that they had become facebook friends, Amrita could see Shweta’s complete feed. She looked at each photo in Shweta Grover’s timeline. There were not much of uploaded photos by Shweta but she was tagged in many photos of office party or an office day out and also a few overseas trip photos… there were no photos with her husband or any family member except a few profile pictures with her daughter that Amrita had already seen before adding her on facebook. Now she wasn’t sure as to what she wants to write or ask her.

“Hi, your daughter is very cute!” After keeping patience for few days, Amrita messaged Shweta when she saw her online on facebook.

“Thanks. How are you doing?” Pat came the reply and a conversation, which Amrita waited for, started.

 Amrita and Shweta did not converse much but as much as they did, it was very formal. Amrita came to know that Shweta Grover does not reside in the same vicinity but her office is near to that market where she saw her other day. Therefore, she usually buys grocery n stuff from that market only. Amrita told about their first conversation to Saksham and he suggested her that if she finds it right, she must meet Shweta once and get an explanation.

It had become a routine for Amrita to log in her facebook more often than earlier just to check if her new facebook friend is online and she could have a talk with her. And one night, she got this chance again. After a few random things, she asked Shweta if they should meet but to her surprise, Shweta logged out without a reply.

“At least she could have replied in a yes or no”. Said annoyed Amrita.

“She might have got busy… you never know” Saksham told her.

Next day during the lunch time, Amrita’s phone pinged. She picked it and saw Shweta’s message “Hey, sorry couldn’t reply yesterday… Had got some office work…  When & where do you want to meet??? Let me know”. Amrita instantly started thinking of a good place where she could meet her.

“I am new to Gurgaon and therefore I don’t know much of good places. Let me know your favorite place.” Amrita replied.

“Would you like to meet at Starbucks, City Centre Mall/ coming Sunday?” Shweta asked Amrita on facebook.

“Yeah sure. Let me know the time as well.” She replied.

“Would 5:30 pm be comfortable?” Shweta asked.

“I shall be there at 5:30. Thanks! Bye!” Amrita replied and took a deep sigh. She started having butterflies in tummy about her first meet with Shweta Grover.

And finally Sunday arrived. Amrita had mixed feelings about it. She was restless. She knew what to talk but did not know how.  Saksham could sense her clumsy behavior but didn’t say it to her as it could have made her more nervous. He knew that his wife will manage this meeting very well and will sort all the answers. They reached the City Centre mall at 5:00 and took Adhya to the kids play area.

“Nervous?” Saksham asked her.

“Yeah… A little bit… I never thought I would ever see her until the day in Leisure Valley and now, I am meeting her today. I don’t know exactly what and how to ask.” Replied a nervous Amrita.

“It will all be fine. You can call me or the police if you ever need help.” Saksham joked.

Haha… I hope she’s doesn’t turn out to be a gangster.” Giggled Amrita.

“I am sure she’s not.” Saksham replied and gave her an affectionate smile and Amrita gained the confidence that she needed at this moment.

“Ciao, I’ll see you in a bit.” And Amrita left for Starbucks.


To Be Continued…

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