The Girl from the Past – 1.2

For the next few days, an image of Shweta Grover kept popping up in Amrita’s mind every now and then but eventually the thought faded away and she got busy with her routine life with family and work until another day when she spotted Shweta Grover again in the market in her vicinity. Amrita was buying grocery when she saw Shweta Grover putting shopping bags inside her car. Amrita stopped for a while and started noticing her activities. Very soon Shweta started her car and buzzed off. Shweta Grover took a left turn on the main road and vanished. Amrita’s mind was again boggled.

“She was dressed in formals which means she must be coming straight from office to buy stuff and headed back home so she must be living in the proximity.” Amrita deduced while shopping.

“I wish I could see her car’s number plate.” Amrita was thinking about today’s incident while preparing dinner.

“It was a white skoda fabia and she took a left turn from the market where as we take a right which means our houses are not in exactly same vicinity”.

“Stop it Amrita! Why are you thinking so much about her” another side of her mind interrupted. “Let bygones be bygones”…. “There are many people in this world who we meet for a short while. Yes, some of them do leave an impact on us but once that phase gets over, it all literally gets over. Things, that they said or did, hold no relevance. So let it just go. Don’t think too much.” …. “Saksham and Adhya and you – this is your real world…. Your parents, his parents, kins, friends… bloody this is your real life! And Shweta Grover is not even a tiny part of it.”…. “And think about this, both of you exchanged glances in the park the other day, you didn’t walk up to her because you were feeling timid but, did she come to you???? Even when her expressions clearly meant that she is on the same page??”… “A super confident girl who had no inhibitions in life did not come and talk to you, not because she was fearful but, because she was not interested in looking at the past life. So if she has moved on, why aren’t you doing the same?? Trust me she holds no place in your life…. Let these thoughts just go”


The door bell interrupted her stirring mind and Amrita walked to open the door. She knew it must be Saksham and there he was. “Hey my love!” he smiled and greeted Amrita by kissing on her cheek.

“How was your day? And where is our bundle of joy” he asked about Adhya and there came Adhya who was waiting for Daddy for quite a long time. The daily routine followed.

Amrita’s heart and mind were in a state of conflict. Her heart wanted to know more about Shweta Grover where as her mind wasn’t ready to take that in. Finally Amrita decided to talk to Saksham about this.

Saksham was Amrita’s mentor when she was a trainee in her first job. He really admired her for her work and had fallen for her without realizing when. Amrita also liked his companionship and found him to be immensely matured and good natured. Eventually they both fell in love and got married. Amrita always found her best friend in Saksham. 

“Saksham, there is something I wish to talk to you about.” Amrita initiated a word with Saksham who was working on his laptop.

“Is it really urgent honey?” He asked without looking at Amrita.

“Umm…Yeah… Kind of..? Amrita replied.

“You got it! But give me 10 minutes and I’ll come to you… okay… only 10 mins.” He replied and Amrita understood that he’s busy with something serious and thought about not disturbing him at this point.

Saksham kept his promise and came to Amrita in 10 minutes while she was reading a magazine.

“Hey! So madam! Tell me now what is it that is bothering you.” He asked while placing a pillow on his lap and smiled.

Amrita, who was delighted to see him there, smiled back and asked “Do you wish to have a cup of hot coffee?” Amrita held his hand and started walking towards the kitchen.

“Well… I’d love to make one for you my love” he replied and placed his lips on her lips and gave her a small kiss.

Saksham was beating coffee and sugar while Amrita was sitting on the kitchen slab thinking how to initiate what she wanted to discuss with him.

“So you wanted to tell me something no.” Saksham asked while beating the mixture.

“Yeah, well actually there is nothing so important but still…” Amrita hesitatingly said

“Of course it’s important honey” Saksham interrupted her.

Amrita looked at him and he continued “if it is bothering you for a long time, then it certainly is important. Perhaps the issue could be small, but it is certainly important.”

He said and she pondered. Perhaps the conflict that she was having between her heart and mind will come to an end by talking to Saksham, she thought.

“Here comes your coffee! So now…  Whatever it is… Bring it on” Saksham said and handed over the coffee mug to her.

“Ok! So the thing is… Amrita said and paused to gather more courage before revealing a story from her past to Saksham.

To be Continued…

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