The Girl from the Past – 1.1

“Mama, nobody is letting me sit on this merry go round.” Came a sad voice of a kid who was in her mom’s lap and Amrita looked at her innocent face.

“You have to wait my baby. Everybody loves to ride on merry go round. So u gotta wait for your turn.” Her mom told her.

Amrita smiled briefly on kid’s innocence and told Adhya, her 3 ½  year old daughter, to get down which Adhya denied.

“Kids, does any of you plans to get down?” her mom questioned to the kids sitting on the ride. “There are other kids waiting”.

This time the voice sounded a bit familiar to Amrita and she tried to look at the face and to her surprise, the face was familiar too.

“My God! Is it Shweta Grover” Amrita thought.

Before she could look at her again Adhya, who had got down from the ride, dragged her hand and exclaimed “mama, come let’s go to the sea saw now”. “Yay this place is so full of fun”. Amrita heard Adhya’s cheerful voice passively when she had got lost in her memories. Memories that she always hated. Memories that always made her good mood go bad.

Being Sunday, there was a lot of crowd in the Leisure Valley park but Amrita managed to take glimpses at the lady she thought to be Shweta Grover – her school senior during her junior secondary school days. They exchanged few glances and Amrita was quite sure about the lady’s identity now.

Amrita and Saksham both are software professionals working with reputed IT companies. Recently Amrita got a good job opportunity in Gurgaon which she did not want to let go therefore Saksham took a transfer in his present company and they have shifted base from Pune to Gurgaon just a week back. They are looking for a good school for their child Adhya. Visiting Leisure Valley park was Saksham’s plan to meet some parents randomly and know about the best schools in Gurgaon.

And by the twilight everybody headed back to home.

Saksham noticed Amrita’s pensive face while coming back from the park and he asked her a couple of times if everything is okay to which Amrita always replied “yeah” with a smile. They ordered food online that night and tucked in Adhya into bed a little earlier.

“So! Madam Ji! Now you can say what’s going on in here!?” Saksham touched Amrita’s left temple candidly and lay down in her lap and took her soft hand in his palms. Amrita sighed pondering how much Saksham understands the variation in her mood and put her other hand in his soft hair. Upon asking him one more time, Amrita only told him that she thought she saw somebody from her school days but wasn’t totally sure if it’s really her and therefore didn’t walk up to her to initiate a talk.

“That’s it! Let it be then and come to me. It is Sunday night honey. Let’s not spoil it by thinking about people who don’t matter to us. Let us have some fun for there is a long hectic week waiting for us after this night..” And Saksham embraced Amrita in his arms and some cuddly love-making followed.

This is a universal fact that men fall asleep immediately after a good session of love-making. Saksham was no exception. He had entered the dream world while Amrita was still awake, thinking about the evening in the park, the instances that took place in her past and her lovely current life. A blend of all her experiences was doing rounds in her head while she was laying down trying to catch sleep. Her eyes were closed but she could sight things that have happened to her.

Failing to catch sleep after trying for more than an hour, she got up, walked to the balcony to inhale some fresh air and sat there for a while. An idea struck her and she rushed inside to pick up her laptop. She signed into facebook and put the keywords in search bar “Shweta Grover, Gurgaon”. While facebook was filtering results for that name, Amrita was anticipating a positive result with eyes glued into the laptop screen.

Bang, the third profile picture matched with her search.

“Shweta Grover Dayal” ; works with a reputed Bank “yeah she was a commerce student” Amrita recalled. “Did MBA from a premier institute in Delhi. Married to Anupam Dayal since 2004.”

There was not much to sneak into Shweta Grover’s profile because of certain restrictions set by her for unknown viewers and therefore Amrita could only look at a few profile pictures and cover photos. Amrita looked at each photo very intensely.

“Seems she had an arranged marriage or perhaps she found her true love much later after school life.” She concluded and logged out her facebook.

The storm of thoughts began deteriorating now and Amrita had started feeling some peace in her mind. She closed the laptop and lay down to sleep. After a little more contemplation about the same, she fell asleep automatically….

To be Continued…


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